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Excuse me, but would you like this chip in your vein or your brain?

Lots of people talk a good talk about the internet of things and how my washing machine could now make purchases but my question is: what would my washing machine want to buy? More powder and some salt maybe? A… Continue Reading →

Things worth reading: 23rd February 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Trump just made a nonsensical analogy between school and bank security Documentary tells tiny bank’s David vs. Goliath story in 2008 financial crisis aftermath Blockchain ‘could save asset managers $2.7bn a year’ Barclays criticised… Continue Reading →

How Cells Pack Tangled DNA Into Neat Chromosomes

A human cell carries in its nucleus two meters of spiraling DNA, split up among the 46 slender, double-helical molecules that are its chromosomes. Most of the time, that DNA looks like a tangled ball of yarn — diffuse, disordered,… Continue Reading →

Money laundering is most likely to wash with your local estate agent

Someone pointed out to me that when I wrote about the wealth divide, a lot of the property investing is not your average John or Jane, but a lot of money launderers. I wrote a while ago  that there is… Continue Reading →

Things worth reading: 22nd February 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Bitcoin: MPs launch inquiry into digital currencies Zimbabwe and Kenya lead the way in Africa’s dash from cash Lloyds hails ‘landmark’ after return to private sector It would be useful to know what Corbyn… Continue Reading →

Why Self-Taught Artificial Intelligence Has Trouble With the Real World

Until very recently, the machines that could trounce champions were at least respectful enough to start by learning from human experience. To beat Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997, IBM engineers distilled centuries of chess wisdom into a formula that… Continue Reading →

Ever wondered what a digital human looks like?

I know that I could get boring so won’t labour this one over and over again, but for people attending Eurofinance in Miami in May or Money 2020 in Singapore in March, I have great news for you! Both events… Continue Reading →

Physicists Mourn Joe Polchinski, Developer of Deep Ideas and Paradoxes

In physics, we sometimes make progress through conflict. Thought experiments uncover apparent contradictions that sharpen our theories. In addition, there’s often a trade-off between the precision of a calculation and its relevance to an ultimate goal. The physicist Joe Polchinski… Continue Reading →

Why bitcoin is not a ‘fraud’ or ‘bubble’, but something you should take seriously

Unless you have been asleep for the last year, you cannot have failed to catch the buzz around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum’s Ether and Ripple’s XRP. There are even some coins that were created as a joke… Continue Reading →

The Finanser’s Week: 12th February 2017 – 18th February 2018

The main blog headlines are … Will platforms replace governments? I often talk about my week in Hangzhou last year, writing the case study on Ant Financial for the new book Digital Human, and particularly the words of Jack Ma… Continue Reading →

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