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Dubai: cutting edge or bleeding edge?

I travel a lot and go to several countries that have smart leadership and smart cities. These cities and countries – you know who you are – are in the forefront of innovation and claim to be visionary. So, I… Continue Reading →

Things worth reading: 25th May 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Amazon can go big in finance but is unlikely to open a bank, Goldman says Bank ready to act if UK faces disorderly Brexit, Mark Carney says The World’s Most Profitable Banks Can Be… Continue Reading →

Questioning Truth, Reality and the Role of Science

It’s an interesting time to be making a case for philosophy in science. On the one hand, some scientists working on ideas such as string theory or the multiverse — ideas that reach far beyond our current means to test… Continue Reading →

Do customers really want ‘invisible banking’?

Quite a few people talk about invisible banking today. The idea is that banking transactions and services should be invisible as if they are noticeable, as in visible, then that means you have pain and friction which should have been… Continue Reading →

A Classical Math Problem Gets Pulled Into the Modern World

Long before robots could run or cars could drive themselves, mathematicians contemplated a simple mathematical question. They figured it out, then laid it to rest — with no way of knowing that the object of their mathematical curiosity would feature… Continue Reading →

Some day my DLT will come

So, I’m presenting at a Corporate Treasury event, and we get into talking about distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain. Comments are made around so many tests and proofs of work and concept, but so little production. At this point,… Continue Reading →

Things worth reading: 23rd May 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Small banks trump Wall Street on Dodd-Frank rewrite City watchdog tells banks to uncover ‘dirty money’ with robots and AI Deutsche Bank chair Paul Achleitner faces investor revolt Banks ‘charging more’ for overdrafts than… Continue Reading →

How Brain Waves Surf Sound Waves to Process Speech

When he talks about where his fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology have taken a wrong turn, David Poeppel of New York University doesn’t mince words. “There’s an orgy of data but very little understanding,” he said to a packed room… Continue Reading →

It ain’t what you do

I was asked at a conference the other day: “so what do you think about a banks’ Innovation Department?” The question threw me a little, so I asked what they meant. “Well, do you think banks should have an Innovation… Continue Reading →

Things worth reading: 22nd May 2018

Things we’re reading today include … Japan’s Biggest Bank to Switch on Blockchain Payments in 2020 Could smartphones replace bank branches? Ant Financial valued at $150bn in offering City watchdog bans finance boss of firm owned by couple dubbed ‘vampires… Continue Reading →

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